FDN – Health Coach Certification

Why FDN Health Coach Certification?

After struggling with a sudden health issue and while mistakenly thinking I was eating the right foods and leading more or less a healthy lifestyle, I realized I needed to do more for my body and health.  I needed more energy, more mental focus, a healthy digestion, hormonal balance, less stress in my life.  I wanted to change everything I was doing wrong to improve my health and start seeing and feeling the positive results.  I did also want a cleaner body, get rid of all toxins and any foreign pathogens that kept accumulating, eventually in the most inner layers of my body.

This time, I really wanted to do the right thing, start from scratch and eat the right foods. Foods that not only get digested, but also absorbed in my body and not wasted, so that it can reach my cells.  I started pondering how I could gain more knowledge through means of a holistic health approach, which does not focus on a specific area of my body or illness, but rather the whole person: the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Conventional doctors are essential, but too often, as per my experience, I was not provided with the desired results and many of my health questions went unanswered. Traditional doctors offered a bandage to my symptoms, but the underlying cause remained, making it difficult to reclaim my health. In addition, over 50% of medical schools don't include nutrition courses, so surprisingly, nutrition is often not even considered a topic during a medical visit.  Traditional medicine views human health and wellbeing in different sections: physical, emotional, mental or social, but not as a whole.

What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Under many amazing online courses and certifications, an interesting approach to possibly help heal myself caught my attention. I stumbled across FDN, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition's health coach certification, a self-care model in holistic discipline that emphasizes on bio-individuality.  I immediately liked the concept. FDN uses functional laboratory test results in order to identify underlying causes of diseases, common health conditions or malfunctions at the root cause. In conjunction with proven, professional protocols, if you consider the FDN Health Coach certification, you or your friends or clients are guided to improve your health by avoiding treating only the symptom or a specific illness, but are taught to focus on a person as a "whole". Remember, the symptom is the final stage; the symptom appears after months or years in accumulation of health issues.  And as Socrates stated: "the part can never be well unless the whole is well”.

Health Coach Certification
FDN Health Coach Certification

FDN is a proven, clear, step-by-step method that includes effective tools that depend on lifestyle modifications, the DRESS for Health Success® Self- Care System, functional lab training, natural therapies and lifestyle modifications.  You work together with a FDN mentor and do hands-on practices with mock patients. The learning system is easy to use and is self-paced, while you continue your normal schedule with your work or other commitments. Once graduated, you are invited to join the Association of FDN Professionals. FDN teaches you the amazing ability you own to heal yourself or educate others to regain their health.  This holistic method has been used by thousands of people not only to build, but also maintain their health.

Through FDN’s lab testing, you will learn more about any of the following imbalances and how to heal and improve it:

Low energy


Food sensitivities



Digestion and assimilation issues: example Bloating, flatulence, cramps

hepatic portal system and liver function

Gut dysfunction

Weight gain


Sleep issues

Food cravings




Skin rashes

Hot flashes

Pathogens or toxicity, free radicals and oxidation screening

To summarize, what has been so gratifying about FDN Health coach certification?

It is all based on your unique lifestyle and environment with the goal to achieve amazing results with persistency, consistency and motivation.  But mainly, by loving yourself, your body, your health and knowing that through a healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy again good, quality life, which will definitely bring you more joy and reward. It is most rewarding when you start seeing the results and when you can share these or educate others with their health complaints.  To me, any education is always EMPOWERING.  The best part is that FDN is a holistic approach that works all time, over and over; it’s not a fad, the results are real and long-lasting.